Your USA Discount Clip Headquarters 

Industry Standard Sausage Clips, Wire, Sausage Clippers,
 and Loops at Much Lower than "Industry Standard Prices"

Great Sausage Clips and Sausage Clippers
 at the Very Lowest Prices, in the USA.

Silver-Clip brand clips precisely replace all Tipper Tie ® and Poly
Clip ®
brand sizes of clips and loops, in your existing clippers.

We stock all FCA and Alpina Style Clips, Great Wall Clips,
 Stick Clips and Spool Clips to fit any bench clipper, ICA, KDC, or PDC.
If you buy any size or quantity of aluminum clips or loops,
we will always sell them to you for significantly less money.
Z-Clips, S-Clips, R-Clips, U-Clips, we have what you want!

Buy Silver-Clip brand clips and loops to precisely fit:

                                                        FCA's                                Double Clippers
                                                        Alpina's                            Chicken Clippers
                                                        Tipper RS-420X's            Any Bench Clipper                      
                                                        Poly Iris Sizers                Automatic Netters
                                                        KDC's                               Pull Ties
And every other model of sizer or casing pre-tier, old or new.

   Our full line of affordable Automatic Sausage Sizers are second to none!
Come and see one produce before you buy another brand.

  Why keep paying too much?  Just load your clippers with Silver-Clips today,
 and start saving your hard earned cash.

100% Guaranteed.  Ask your neighbors about Silver-Clip.

Call Mike @ 877-725-2547 or fill out the "Contact Us" page for a sample and a quote.

Letters of Guarantee

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